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Masters in The Art of Tailoring

The Tailor Network manages a network of independent Master Tailors in the countryside. Each of our tailors has decades of experience in the art of tailoring.

Tailoring being a centuries old tradition in Europe, our tailors use time honoured skills & techniques in combination with updated technology. 

CAD pattern 02.png

Central expertise and local knowledge

To achieve consistent quality, while working with a network of independent artisans, The Tailor Network has developed a central quality control system.

Our technical experts develop a precise pattern based on the unique measurements and style specifications of each customer and deliver it to the tailor with construction instructions for every garment.

Our team experts and our Master tailors constantly exchange ideas and best practices to further improve our central quality standard.

Quality Fabrics made in Europe

The Tailor Network uses exclusively fabrics sourced in Europe.

Our quality wool and wool-blend fabrics are sourced from Italy while our buttons are sourced from Germany and Poland.

We offer a wide range of fabric quality levels to accommodate different budgets, from quality wool blends, with at least around 50% wool, to fine spun, high quality, pure wool fabrics.

Learn More About Our Tailors
We have revitalized tailors across the countryside. 
Here are a few of their stories.  
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