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Our Values

  • Empowerment

  • Everyday Improvement

  • Inclusivity

Meet Our Team

Founder & CEO

My years of experience, first in auditing, then business consulting and finally as Head of Global Key Accounts in a Swiss multinational had me wear suits of all ranges throughout the years and is now a valuable asset when designing new suits together with our customers for different occasions. I know how the feeling of having your first suit tailor made and the love of detail you want to go into it.


From a young age, after the typical dreams of becoming a cowboy or a firefighter, I wanted to build something and to help people change their lives. Now I am ‘working’ this dream.


And when all of this becomes too much, my little daughter is grounding me in seconds when she says “daddy, come play with my stuffed animals,” and for a time everything else is irrelevant.


Creative Director

In the last 20+ years of working in design and product development (medical, industrial, computer vision, ai), this project has become one of the most exciting simply because of my love of fashion.   

I am also a fine artist, comedian, fitness enthusiast and mom of two grown up girls, both talented musicians.

My favorite book is The Four Agreements.


Software Developer

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I've been with TTN from the very beginning as a designer.  I make sure the suit you see on screen matches the suit you order.  

I'm also a fine artist and dedicated father to two little ones.  


Head of Office

My goal at TTN is smooth cooperation. The TTN production team's success and the collaboration with our tailors are my main focus points. I am also responsible for our social objectives through managing the Tailor Empowerment program.

I enjoy designing and supporting well-functioning processes, and that is why I have joined TTN. It is also what motivates me in my free time - when I train young people on how to develop their soft skills.


Digital Pattern Mastermind

I am responsible for the pattern creation for all of the garment designs at The Tailor Network.

Throughout my life I've worked in clothing production and have become an expert in creating patterns.  Years ago they were made from scratch using paper.  Of course now it's done digitally. 

I continue to teach for the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, to tailors who are studying to take their master craftsman” exam in tailoring.

In addition to my work, I am passionate about sharing information about my beautiful home country, Mongolia. I honour and live my traditional heritage, and I Iove to welcome family and friends, who come visit me in my traditional yurt.

Zsanett Olah

Production Manager &

Fashion Designer

I am responsible for the overview of our full production process, so that your suits are produced in the most efficient way.


I am the one who makes sure that all of the unique details of an order are in place and our tailors are confident in working with us. I appreciate how much I can learn from our master tailors in this process. As a fashion designer I also enjoy working with our inventory of high-end fabrics and recommending the right materials to use.


My education background is in women’s fashion design, so working with bespoke suits is an interesting addition to my expertise, while mastering pattern making is my next challenge.


Personally, I am attracted to unique fashion styles. Arts, philosophy and nature are my source of inspiration.

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Our values define who we are as people, and how we treat our customers, tailors, charity participants and each other. 
  • We empower customers to express themselves by designing clothing that are uniquely theirs. 

  • We empower our tailors to grow their business and live well off their handcraft

  • We empower our team to grow to the fullest of their potential

  • We empower the participants of our Tailor Empowerment (TE) charity program to learn job skills that will allow them to break the poverty cycle and provide a sustainable future for their families


Everyday Improvement


Quality is not a fixed standard.  As we continue to develop, we want to always raise the standard.  Making mistakes is part of creating anything new, and we are committed to learning from each and every one so we can improve our processes and ourselves. 




We never dictate what to wear. We support individual styles and are inclusive of all body types, as every item is made to your measurements. 


We are a diverse team. We embrace employees, tailors and tailor empowerment participants with a range of cultural backgrounds, religions, and special needs.

Disrupting & Inspiring  
We not only disrupt the fashion industry, but advocate for local,  ethical and fair production
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