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Empowering employees and local communities through fashion 

Create a CSR Initiative with daily life impact for your employees.

Employee events hosted in partnership with:

every suit

Our Social Impact

Bringing back work to local communities

Garments requiring high levels of skills are produced by struggling,  elderly master tailors in smaller cities and villages in Hungary.

Helping socially disadvantaged women break the poverty cycle

In the future, garments requiring fewer skills will be produced by graduates of our Tailor Empowerment program.

Unique Business Model for impact and quality

Social impact instead of marketing spent

​Our event based marketing approach revolutionises fashion by replacing marketing costs with fair paid tailors and seamstresses while maintaining a competitive price.

Virtual network and automation for economies of scale

Our virtual network of specialising tailors improves efficiency and equipment utilisation. Centralisation and automation in core knowledge processes of the tailoring program allows for economies of scale.

Standardisation and centralised quality control 

Our centralised production standards and quality controls ensure quality consistence.​

Employee Event - The Basic

Individual statement piece instead of dreaded uniform

While clients still associate competence and reliability with a suit, employees often dread the uniformity of suits - we empower employees to create unique statement pieces they love wearing.

Range of employee benefit options:

  • We offer special discounts for corporate events.

  • You can integrate additional employee stipends or other programs into our system to create an even more valuable employee benefit.

  • Convenient in-house service​​.


  • Travel bags with your company branding can be provided as additional benefit.






style & etiquette workshops

Employee Event - The Optional Workshop

Style and etiquette for employees with new exposure

More and more young managers have not grown up with suits around them. They feel insecure about international dress codes and dress etiquettes. This often leads to awkward first impressions. We want to help your managers avoid the pitfalls with our workshop topics listed below.

Our workshops are interactive, engaging and full of real life experience. They are conceptualised for 10 to 20 people and a duration of 1 to 2 hours based on the range of topics you choose.

  • Let your suit talk for you

Understand the message your suit sends before you even talk and design the right suit for the message you want to sent.

(Power & Dominance vs. Reliability & Competence vs. Openness)

  • Suit etiquette and care

Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing an unexperienced executive wearing a suit with the cross stitches still on his jacket vent - learn to avoid the most common mistakes. Get tips and tricks on caring for your suit on business travels.

  • Dressing for the occasion

The same dress code can have entirely different requirements in different western cultures. Learn the differences in the different dress codes in the US vs. UK vs. Europe. Get tips how to design and style one and the same suit for different occasions.​

Let us create an engaging employee event


Meet Michael, CEO of the Tailor Network, who will assist your employees in the design of their suits as well as present our workshops.


Michael has unique inside experience of boardrooms around the world as a former senior executive of a Swiss multinational, before following his passion and founding The Tailor Network.


His experience in high level negotiations has given him firsthand insight into how to read people and how to send the right message through clothes before the talking starts.

Disrupting & Inspiring  
We are not only disrupting the fashion industry - but creating a model for local,  ethical and fair production
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