An Impactful Employee Benefit

supporting your CSR Initiatives

Empowering employees and local communities through fashion 

Employee events hosted in partnership with:
Delivering Impact with Every Suit

Our Unique Business Model

  • Centralization and automation in core knowledge processes of the tailoring program allows for economies of scale.

  • Virtual network of specializing tailors improves efficiency and equipment utilization.

  • Centralized production standards and quality controls ensure quality consistence.

  • Event based marketing approach revolutionizes fashion by replacing marketing costs with fair paid tailors and seamstresses while maintaining a competitive price.

Our Social Impact

  • Garments requiring high levels of skills are produced by elderly master tailors in the countryside, bringing work back to local communities.

  • Garments requiring fewer skills are produced by graduates of our Tailor Empowerment program. Helping socially disadvantaged women break the poverty cycle.




Employee Benefit:
​In House Tailoring 

  • Made-to-measure, fully customisable suits and jackets for men and women 

  • Suit discounts available for corporate events

  • Convenient in-house service


  • Satisfaction guarantee for both employees and organizations


  • Employee stipends or other customized offers can be setup to create an even more valuable employee benefit


  • Optional branded travel bags available


Disrupting & Inspiring  
We are not only disrupting the fashion industry, but advocate for local,  ethical and fair production
Employee Benefit:
Engaging Programs & Workshops

  • Provides guidance and knowledge on how to dress with confidence for a variety of international scenarios.


  • Engaging, with interactive activities and real life stories.

  • Modules / topics can be customized

  • Designed for groups of 10-20 participants​

Let us help you create an engaging employee program

style & etiquette workshops