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  • This is my first tailored suit - how do I know it will look good?
    Your first suit will be designed together with a TTN stylist. We will make sure that your suit is perfect for your occasion/scenario, and has some unique elements which set you apart. During the initial design session we talk you through the core elements of suit design, so you will learn about the different design elements – everything from trendy to conservative. We want you to have the knowledge so you are confident in start designing your next suit. With every subsequent suit our customers become more daring with the design elements. In case you are not sure about a design, you can send us an email at to ask for feedback. Every The Tailor Network suit will be your unique creation, but we make sure you never feel left alone during the design of your suit.
  • How long does it take for my suit to be delivered?
    Your suit can take up to 8 weeks. Our standard time is 42 days (6 weeks). Our timelines are dependent upon your location and the workload of our tailoring network. You will likely need to meet with us 3 times for your first suit: 1. Measuring and design session ( 45 min together) 2. Fitting ( 30 min) – 2-3 weeks after the measuring and design session and order placement 3. Personal delivery (15 min) - 2-3 weeks after the fitting
  • What if the suit does not fit at delivery? Or has quality issues?
    Our entire customer acquisition is based on customer referrals, therefore customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. In the rare case that a suit is not perfect at delivery we will correct the issue and arrange for an additional delivery date at your convenience. We always make sure that you walk away with a suit you love. If you normally buy clothes with your partner, we urge you to discuss your design choices as well as the fitting results with them. This helps us to avoid the unfortunate situation when a partner gives feedback only after the suit is finished, and we need to make adjustments.
  • When do I pay for my suit?
    You only pay for your suit when you take it home with you after a satisfying delivery.
  • How do you ensure the same quality when the suits are produced by different tailors?
    While all of our tailors work independently, they are committed to the same production standards. The patterns are created by our TTN technical design team, and every suit has multiple quality checks before it’s delivered to our customers.
  • Can I order a 2nd pair of pants later?
    Generally you can yes – but it depends on the availability of fabrics. Fabric availability is seasonal and we cannot guarantee that your suit fabric will be available at a later date. If you plan on wearing your suit frequently, we recommend you order it with two trousers, since trousers naturally wear out faster than your jacket. In case you only wear your suit 1-2 times per year, only for special occasions, we don’t necessarily recommend to have two trousers as the wear and tear is limited.
  • How does it work when I order another suit?
    After our first successful delivery to you, you are able to order new suits or other garments at your convenience through our online design app. During the fitting process of your first suit we ensure that your measurements and the patterns for it are perfect in our system. Therefore unless you have gone through a significant body change, you don’t need to meet with our team for a session and the suit will be directly delivered to you.
  • What if I’ve gained or lost weight over time?
    In general, tailor-made trousers for men still fit well within a weight change of 3-4 kilograms (plus or minus). Above that the fit becomes strained, and over 7-8 kilogram change in either direction the fit no longer represents a tailor-made suit. If you generally tend to fluctuate in your weight, we often recommend that you choose your two trousers in slightly different fit to better accommodate your fluctuations (we would then keep 2 trouser patterns for you on file). The fit of the jacket is usually only impacted when the change in weight is more significant. In case you have taken a development outside the usual 3-4 kilogram fluctuation in either direction and plan to order a new suit, you should ask for an additional measuring appointment through We will then see when one of our team members is going to be near your location the next time and try to arrange a measuring meeting so that we can adjust your patterns based on your new body measurements.
  • What types of employee events do you offer?
    Depending on the interest of your company, we offer you different event modules to create specialized event: A.) Tailoring event (free of charge – requires at least 6 interested employees) B.) Style advise / suit fashion workshop (paid workshop) C.) Fashion disrupt / social fashion presentation (in combination with A. and / or B.)
  • How can I set up an event in our company? What is the commitment?
    In case you want to set up an event at your company, please contact us at We will then discuss with you which event modules are interesting for you as well as the timing and scope of the event. We require at least 6 people to register their interest. This does not mean that your employees have to commit to actually buying a suit at any point, and we never use high-pressure selling. We usually setup the event together with the company and start the in-house communication to evaluate employee interest. After that, we decide whether the event is feasible or not. In case an event has been planned, but there is not enough interest from employees, there is no charge to the company.
  • How much effort is needed from our company to host an event?
    Your company needs to: A.) Provide the location B.) communicate the event to your employees ------------ A.) Location requirements: For a tailoring event we require a room with sufficient privacy to allow employees to change. It will be necessary for all 3 sessions (measuring/design; fitting; delivery). We also provide mobile curtains to improve privacy if needed. For a workshop we require a room that accomodates up to 20 people (maximum size for the workshop). We also require reliable internet access and a projector. (Larger groups can be accomodated if the display is sufficient.) B.) Communication to your employees: We will work with you to determine the best communication plan, will and provide you the material to send out to your employees. We adjust our material depending on your in-house communication standards. Feedback from our corporate partners show that it usually takes them 4 to 16 hours of administrative resources to arrange and administer an event, depending on the scale of the event.
  • How much time does an event take from our employees?
    The time needed depends on the modules you choose for your event. For a tailoring-only event, the time needed from your employees is: 1.) Measuring / design - 45-60 minutes 2.) Suit fitting - 30 minutes for the fitting, 2-3 weeks later 3.) Delivery of finished suit - 15 minutes for the delivery, 2-3 weeks later Employees can plan their appointments through our online application so that it comes to very low disruption. You may choose to enhance the tailoring event with an additional workshop (style advise, suit fashion workshop, social fashion) to strengthen the social aspect of your event. In this case, the time required depends on the modules you choose. This can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
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