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Elegant Wedding Suits

for the Groom and the Wedding Party  

Unique Service  •  Reliable  •  Fair Prices  •  Social Impact
What makes The Tailor Network unique:
  • Customers create their own, entirely unique suit at the price of a mass produced, quality brand.

  • Customers immediately see their choices reflected in our one-of-a-kind online application.


  • All suits are hand-tailored in the countryside in Hungary at fair rates, all fabrics are sourced in Europe.

  • Every suit supports our charity Tailor Empowerment, helping women break the poverty cycle.


  • Our business runs on referrals and real customer photography. We go to every length to ensure customer satisfaction.

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What your clients can expect:
  • Suits for the Groom and other male and female members of the family or wedding party.

  • No hassle service with only 3 customer sessions  (design, fitting, delivery).

  • An enjoyable design session, with expert guidance on styling and finishing details​.

  • Wide range of fabrics (Italian imports - from quality wool blends to premium wools).

  • Perfect fit, due to our precise measurements and streamlined pattern-making process.

One-of-a-kind design application:
  • Pick any pre-designed suit and fully customise it with a few mouse clicks.

  • Simply click on the part of the suit you want to change, and see all the available options for this part.


  • Easily add and remove design elements.

  • Pick the fabrics, buttons and threats you want.


  • See every change directly reflected in your suit, as well as the impact on the final price - no surprises!

  • Save different versions to compare and choose the perfect one for you.

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We welcome your inquiries

To schedule a call on how we can cooperate,

to provide great service to your customers, please email:

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