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Elegant Wedding Suits

for the Groom and his Wedding Party  

Efficient & Experienced Service • Fair Prices • Hand-Tailored in Hungary
Exclusive partnerships for Wedding Planners and Dress Designers:
  • Provide a high quality, efficient services to your clients to include tailored wedding suits for the groom, groomsmen, etc.

  • We provide an in-house experience at locations of your choosing

  • Sell under your own brand, OR

  • Earn a commission recommending TTN

How it Works
What your clients can expect:
  • An enjoyable design session, with guidance on styling and finishing details

  • Wide range of fabrics (Italian imports - from quality wool blends to premium wools)

  • A perfect fit, due to our precise measurements and streamlined pattern-making process

  • No hassle with only 3 customer sessions        (design, fit, deliver)

  • Technical expertise covering all techniques
    and styles

  • Reliable production and delivery
    (Expedited tailoring is also available) 

We welcome your inquiries

To schedule a call on how we can provide great service to your customers, email: