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In 5 Steps to your unique, tailor-made garment

Step 1: Design your unique garment
  • Design your unique garment in our easy-to-use online application.

  • Simply pick a pre-defined look you like and start turning it into yours with a couple of clicks.


  • Immediately see every change reflected on the image - no more wondering how it might look.

  • Design your new garment alone / ask for an online consultation or advise in the application / meet us at one of our pop-up event or design it together with a trusted boutique of your choice

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Step 2: Get your measurements taken
  • In order to achieve a perfect fit, you need someone to take your measurements professionally.

  • Once your measurements are in our system you can continue buying additional clothes without being measured again.

  • To get your measurements taken you can either meet us at a pop-up event near you or work with one of our selected boutique partners.

Step 3: Order and we create a unique, bespoke pattern for you
  • Once your measurements are in our system, you can order your unique designs any time you like and we start working on it right away.

  • For every order we create a unique, fully bespoke pattern with your unique design and your unique measurements.

  • Your unique pattern together with the construction instructions and all materials are sent to an independent tailor in our network, who then creates your individual garment for you.

Step 4: Have your garment fitted
  • Fittings take place at the same location where your measurements were taken. The dates are usually announced together with the design pop-up dates.

  • For return customers fittings are optional, as we have already perfected your pattern.

  • Your garment will arrive for fitting in a loosely assembled state - don't be alarmed, it will still look perfect in the end.

  • You will try it on and our expert will adjust the fit where needed with needles, giving the tailor a clear marking how to adjust the garment.

  • You can also potentially revise some design decisions now that you see the garment in real life

Step 5: Receive your unique garment
  • Returning customers can opt to receive their unique garment at home, at the boutique parter of their choice or from TTN in person at a pop-up event near them.

  • First time customers will receive their garments at the same pop-up location where we took their measurements. Delivery dates are always announced together with the pop-up event date.

  • We will make sure everything is exactly as you ordered and that the garment fits you perfectly. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, we will of course take the garment back and adjust it for you.

Design your unique garment:
Casual Classics
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