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Tailor Story: Janos - A jovial master tailor

In a different life, Janos would be the owner of a little trattoria. It is hard to imagine how he chose the rather solitary occupation of being a master tailor. Meeting Janos is like walking into an Italian home. He is a small, round man, jovial with dark hair and tanned skin. He is full of energy and laughter, alway gesturing and making jokes.

He is a trained master tailor for both men’s and women’s clothes. When I asked him why he chose his profession he winked at me and said “where else do you meet so many beautiful women up close?” He told me that this is how he met his lovely wife, but she just smiled at me, shook her head and went back into the kitchen.

So while his reason for choosing the profession remains a mystery, his mastery in it is evident. Janos simply loves complicated cases, when a customer has unusual sizes or body part ratios which need extra consideration to make the suit look perfect. He then throws up his hands in mock despair, complaining about the impossible task, just to break out in a broad smile and to get down to solve it.


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