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Offer your customers

Elegant, fully customisable, tailor-made clothes 

For Men and Women

Extend your offering without additional space or investment.

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Your customers can design their own, unique clothes. Made-to-order.

Start with pop-up events in your store.  Extent to an online store, if you want.

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Provide your customers with clothes, which have real social impact.

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Extend your product portfolio without extending space
  • Extend your product portfolio by offering elegant, fully bespoke suits, jackets, vests, trousers and coats for men and/or women at affordable prices.​

  • Your customers can design their own clothes in our highly intuitive and easy to use online design application.

  • Every piece is made to order by independent tailors in the countryside in Europe.

  • You can set your own store prices, using different premiums and discounts on top of our reasonable base prices.

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All it takes is a tablet
  • Pick any existing design and change it with a couple of clicks.

  • Change the fabrics, add and remove design element, or configure them exactly to your liking by simply clicking on them.

  • See every change to your unique piece directly.

  • Save different options to compare them or even get feedback from your friends.

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Make it a constant offer - in your store and online!
  • Use our bespoke clothes as a central part of your store's offering or as a last resort when customers don't find what they are looking for.

  • Once sufficiently trained, you can measure new customers yourself and we adjust the measuring at the fitting events.

  • If you want, you can provide your customers with your own branded online store, where they can design and order new clothes, delivered to your store.

The Tailor Network
- experienced and reliable -
  • We are serving demanding customers in Hungary and Switzerland since 2019.

  • We have conducted pop-up events for senior managers together with prestigious, international companies like Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, or Falcon Private Bank.

  • Our quality as well as our social impact has won Dr. Farkas Barsony, President of AmCham Hungary as our honorary brand ambassador.

  • TTN's customers identify strongly with the product quality and concept, resulting in the fact that these international managers happily model their new clothes in professional photoshoots for our brand.

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Every TTN garment has social impact
  • All of our clothes are produced to order by independent tailors in the Hungarian countryside - reducing waste and bringing work to struggling tailors in local communities.

  • Our charity Tailor Empowerment helps disadvantaged women in Hungary to break the poverty cycle and earn a sustainable income.

  • All independent tailors and seamstresses are paid fair fees for their highly appreciated, quality work.

We welcome your inquiries

To schedule a call on how we can cooperate,

to provide great service to your customers, please email:

Start with Pop-Up Events
  • Provide your customers with the full bespoke tailoring experience (style advise, measuring, fitting and in person delivery by The Tailor Network).

  • For first time customer we always require a professional to take the measurements for them. Return customers can order without new measurements.

  • We will train you during the first pop-up events, later you can do it yourself, so ordering TTN bespoke clothes can become a permanent fixture in your boutique.

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