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Tailor Story: Bela - A character with classic elegance

Bela reminds me of an elderly British gentleman I knew a long time ago. He has an aura of classical elegance and kindness about him, like a kind English grandpa with a LOT of style.

Every time you meet Bela, he is immaculately dressed in a perfect three-piece suit with his jacket off, bent over the sewing table in his small tailoring shop on the top floor of the local mall.

His appearance seems out of place in this row of small, low value shops. You could immediately picture him in a small London alleyway, treating his customers to the best fabrics and service imaginable. He is long past retirement age, but tailoring is his life… So 6 days a week, he puts on his suit and opens up his little shop from 7:00am to 3:00pm sharp before going home to his family. When you ask him why he is doing it, he will tell you because there is nothing better than the moment you see your best work on a happy customer.

Bela always insists that we show him a picture of the customers in their finished suits. He then puts on his glasses and stands there in his straight-fitting vest, critically looking at the pictures to check every detail, until his eyes sparkle with pride.

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