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Tailor Empowerment Story: Bea - Hard-working mother of four

This is a personal story of one of our Tailor Empowerment participants, who is currently training to become a seamstress as part of our charity program to break the poverty cycle. All names have been changed to protect their privacy.

For Bea the chance of earning sustainable income from home is perfect, as she takes care of her 4 boys, while her husband often works triple shifts in a factory.

Before living in the transition home Bea and her family stayed with her ageing father. Unfortunately, the house they lived in was auctioned, and they had to move out. At this time they applied for support. They were moved around many times:

  • First living in the transition home for a short time

  • Transferred outside of Budapest for about a year and a half

  • Then back to Budapest

  • And ultimately to the district where the kids were going to school, to reduce their travel time, though still in a temporary flat.

Now, after this long journey, the family is getting the opportunity to move into an apartment provided by the local government for an indefinite time. Earning additional income would further improve their chances to settle down. With all these hopeful development for Bea it seems that "finally things are becoming better for us”.


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