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Breaking the poverty cycle through the Tailor Empowerment course

The Tailor Empowerment (TE) Charity was founded in Hungary in 2019 by the founder of The Tailor Network, to help lift families out of poverty by giving them skills that allow them to make meaningful income.

The first TE training course, teaching basic sewing skills, started on January 6th.

Our charity works with socially disadvantaged people, who are currently living in transition homes. The transition homes are provided by the government, where they are offered housing and assistance to pull themselves out of their situation.

However, their stay is limited to only a few months- when this time ends many families find that they have not been able to make any significant change toward financial stability.

A common challenge they face is that they do not posses marketable skills. This presents as cascade of problem including, exploitation as temporary workers therefore creating ongoing instability.

Many charities intend to help disadvantaged families through education, but then don't provide the support needed for participants to make use of their new skills. This often leads to failure of the program. Example include not having access to necessary equipment, inadequate access to the work / clients / opportunities that bring in the income, or even a lack of life skills (such as legal requirements, paying taxes, etc).

Together with our partners we have created a full 360° program that is capable of making substantial change. We make sure all of these elements are covered:

  • The Tailor Network creates the income opportunity for the participants

  • Living stipends allow participants to focus on the program full-time, without worrying about making time for work.

  • Tailor Empowerment provides the necessary equipment at an affordable rent (depreciation value) after the course.

  • Cooperation with NGO partners ensures social support.

  • Training includes also basic ‘work-life’ skills like budgeting, tax reporting, packaging/delivery of finished products.

We believe the Tailor Empowerment program has the potential to be a real life changer for the participants, providing all the tools necessary for them to quickly achieve financial stability, and eventually break the cycle of poverty. If your organization would like more information on how to support the Tailor Empowerment Foundation, please email


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