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"A project that supports disadvantaged women"

I first heard about The Tailor Network from Michael, the founder. We are both alumni of the Central European University in Budapest. He contacted me after he saw that I was participating at the “Lesbians in Tech” conference, representing Morgan Stanley. Michael contacted me, with the thought that I might be interested in a project that supports socially disadvantaged women, and the issues surrounding them.

I immediately loved the concept of creating social impact. Being able to change the life of women and provide them with meaningful income is fantastic.

There was no question that I wanted to help - I organised the first event among colleagues at Morgan Stanley. It is so great to see how the concept caught on with them, and how enthusiastic they became.

I previously had suits tailored for me in Hong Kong, but somehow they never got the trousers right. I sometimes wear suits in my workplace, but I always felt they were uncomfortable to wear.

I love my new The Tailor Network suit. It is so comfortable and they even got the trousers right!


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