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"Great Quality Suits"

We are proud to have won Dr. Farkas Barsony as unpaid brand ambassador for The Tailor Network. His dedication to supporting us and our mission is incredible.

It all started with a message from Melanie Seymour, former CEO BlackRock Budapest. She has been an incredible early stage supporter of our project and made the introduction.

It didn't take long for Farkas to make up his mind. Michael met him for 30 minutes over coffee and told him how The Tailor Network helps to bring work back to elderly tailors in the countryside and supports disadvantaged women to break the poverty cycle. Farkas was immediately commented that he had not hear of many projects like this, and that we were worth giving it a try. He ordered his first suit a couple of days later.

And from the moment we delivered his first suit, we had won ourselves a proud and enthusiastic brand ambassador.

"It's a perfect fit - I've never had such a suit .... they exceeded my expectations. That it has real social impact makes it even better."

Farkas agreed that we could film the creation of his second suit from start to finish. The delivery was filmed on Valentine's Day and Farkas decided to spontaneously decided to swap the suit he was wearing for his new The Tailor Network suit to wear to his Valentine's Day dinner, because he loved his new suit so much. These are the moments which make us proud.

Farkas in his first TTN suit:


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