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2 Coats You Can Style for Any Occasion

Most of us are looking for a coat which is perfect to wear with a suit as well as a in a casual setting. Here are two coats which work perfectly in any settings, and what it is that allows them to be so flexible.

The Elegant Classic

A coat that works in almost any setting is the old classic. A knee long, single breasted coat with a low button stance.

Especially when it is made from camel hair or a similarly impressive beige fabric. Another great setting for this coat is black, high quality wool.

What does it need to ensure its elegance?

Just keep it simple - this coat impresses with its simple, minimalistic lines, a great tailored waist and the power of its quality fabrics. And choose a folded collar with a notch lapel, not a standup collar.

The reason is that while you definitely want to wear the collar up for a more casual look, for your elegant look you still want to show a classic lapel.

What does it need to enable a casual look?

Make sure that the back facing of the collar is not made from felt as you usually find it, but from the same fabric as the rest of your coat. When you wear your collar up you don't want to look foolish by showing off a felt back facing with lots of stitch lines.

Adding a stylish denim gilet to make it an all season coat is another way to give it a great casual look. You can learn more about gilets in our blog post below.

The Asymmetric with a twist

Equally eye-catching but even more unique and versatile is our The Tailor Network's asymmetric coat with button up shoulder flap. The unique design allows for both extremes, to wear the coat highly elegant with a suit AND to wear it as casual as you want - you always look the part:

What does it need to be worn elegantly?

The design element that allows you to wear this otherwise very casual asymmetric coat elegantly is the button up shoulder flap which enables you to button the asymmetric collar to the other side.

Buttoning the collar to the other provides you with an elegant open neckline, similar to a standard single breasted coat, while maintaining the intriguing button line of an asymmetric coat.

In addition you should choose your fabrics and fabric colours for this coat wisely. Colours like a this burgundy red, lighter colours like camel or an elegant grey, as well as standard black work well with achieving an elegant look.

What does it need to enable a casual look?

The casualness of this unique coat comes from its asymmetric button line, which provides the coat with a dynamic look both buttoned up as well as worn open.

The shoulder clasps adds to the dynamic and modern look. But refrain from adding too many additional design elements.

The core principle

And this is the core principle to design a coat that can be worn both elegantly as well as casually - keep it simple. Clear, dynamic body lines, partnered with simplistic and functional design elements are the core to achieve a great, highly multi-functional look.

Our in-person design sessions are free, and you are not committing to anything.

We will discuss your ideas and preferences, walk you through the styles, fabrics,

and all the finishing touches - and work with you to design the perfect coat.


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