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All-Season Coats, The Benefit of a Gilet

You love wearing your elegant, high quality wool coat throughout autumn, but as soon as temperatures drop to single digits or go behold below zero you start to freeze.

And that leaves you with the choice to either reduce your time outside to short sprints, or to change over to a warmer, but far less elegant coat.

At The Tailor Network we are offering you two simple solutions for this problem:

  • You can either buy two elegant coats from The Tailor Network, one for spring/autumn, and a much warmer coat with filling for winter. This also allows you to vary your style throughout the year. OR

  • You design your coat to be an all-season coat by including a "gilet" in your design.

And while we value your business, and love to create not just one but two beautiful coats for you, we believe that it shouldn't be simply because of seasonality.

We believe it is better you design two incredibly beautiful all-season coats to have variety in your wardrobe all through autumn, winter and spring instead.

So what is a gilet, how does it effect the fit of your coat and which options do you have?

Gilets are basically vests made from the same filling/fabric used to provide extra warmth in a winter coat, which you can easily button into your spring / autumn coat. They provide a variable, strong extra layer of warmth in winter.

Due to the relative thinness of the filling material used, and the fact that the gilet is tailored to your exact measures, the additional space needed does not effect the fitting of your coat significantly even for a tightly tailored coat.

To design the perfect inset gilet, that fits the style of your coat, we offer you a range of design options.

Other than choosing the filling and fabric from which the gilet is created (in this case blue denim), you can add:

  • Arms,

  • Collar, and

  • Fabric front.

In our design app you will be able to see directly how the different options effect the look of your coat:

Our in-person design sessions are free, and you are not committing to anything.

We will discuss your ideas and preferences, walk you through the styles, fabrics,

and all the finishing touches - and work with you to design the perfect coat.


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