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Same Fabric, Same Cut, Completely Different Suits

One thing we like (and our customers love) about the suits we create together with them, is that in the end every suit is always unique.

You can see here that just because the fabric is the same, these two suits are quite different in their style and messaging. Both have created and are wearing their suits very differently, despite both being from the same fabric, with the same slim cut and notch lapel. The difference is in the details.

(scroll down for full image)

The dark blue fabric used in both suits, is normally chosen for a power suit. However Michael, our founder, has taken a playful approach to his 3-piece suit. The addition of the contrasting and repeating design elements (jetted pockets, suit buttons, vest buttons, etc), lighten the seriousness of this fabric.

To complete this impression, Michael loves to wear this suit with blue sneakers, balancing the seriousness of a 3-piece suit with a relaxed attitude.

Our customer, Willem a Project Manager at a Big 4, was on a break in the middle of his work day when we photographed him. His suit has the same material and slim cut, but Willem designed his suit with more subtle design details, creating a sophisticated and elegant effect. These details don't interfere with the strong nature of the color, and clean lines of the suit.

Two suits, two great guys. Entirely different and a great fit.


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