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The craftsmanship and quality you'll find in The Tailor Network suits is a result of decades of experience our tailors have, brought together by our own technical expert, who also trains master tailors for their master examinations.


Some key facts about our tailors:


  • All of our tailors are independent and benefit directly from their work.

  • Over 90% of our tailors are age group 55+ with decades of experience.

  • Most of our tailors live in the countryside in areas of economical decline, and are happy to expand their services to the The Tailor Network.


Our tailors take immense pride in their work. For them, there is nothing more satisfying then to deliver a perfectly fitting and beautifully made suit to a customer who didn't know such quality and service was available.  



It is important for every suit to have the same feeling of quality, no matter which tailor completed it. We proactively take action to ensure consistency across all tailors, and pledge that:

  • All suits will look and feel the same

  • Features are made using the same techniques, and meet all expectations,
    every time

  • Approach and production methods are standardized across all tailors

We are able to accomplish this by regularly holding workshops with tailors to discuss details and share knowledge regarding tailoring technique and standards.


Coherence to our tailoring standards is just as important, and we have a thorough quality-assurance process with over 50 items to check and validate before the suit is delivered to the customer.

These quality and production standards are incorporated into the Tailor Empowerment Program, which trains those from disadvantaged communities to become skilled highly specialized seamstresses. 


Read more about Tailor Empowerment



We are sometimes asked, “How can you train people with no experience to uphold your tailoring standards?  Isn't tailoring a complex task with many details and experience required?”


All Tailor Empowerment students are gradually led through courses that build upon each other.  The first tier of graduates, for instance, are able to proficiently create high-quality trousers. The detailed patterns and instructions we provide to all tailors, helps to clarify all features and details for each item.  

After demonstrating mastery over the first pieces learned, students are able to create more complex items such a suit jacket. 

It is our emphasis on quality, standardized process, and tiered learning program that gives us the confidence in our students to be able to uphold The Tailor Network brand promise to its customers.  This methodology will also allow us to scale our training programs into many undeveloped areas across the EU.