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Tailor Empowerment Program

Our Partners

Menedékház Alapítvány SZÉRA - Szociális és Rehabilitációs Alapítvány Gyermekek Átmeneti Otthona

TheTailorNetwork Tailor Empowerment Program

Our vision is not just to bring more work to existing tailors, but to help especially women in economically weak regions of Europe, in the countryside or former industrial areas, to become independent and earn an income as tailors and seamstresses.

Through our Tailor Empowerment Program we plan to train over 500 women in the next 4 years.

Those who show the skills, accuracy and diligence required to comply with TheTailorNetwork quality standards, will be invited to join our tailor network in order to be able to pick up customer orders from our internal ordering system and earn sufficient money to support themselves and their families with those newly developed skills.

First Tailor Empowerment Course

Our first Tailor Empowerment Course will start in April 2019. In this first course we will train 10 women from April to June to become independent seamstresses for men’s trousers and vests. The participants will get trained by our tailoring expert in her own tailoring school (Jenka Stílusiskola Oktatási) and will start as early as beginning of May to tailor trousers and vests for our customers, under the supervision of their teacher – being able to earn their first independent income, while still being support by our education grants.

To ensure that the participant have a stable environment during the course and are support beyond the functional support TheTailorNetwork is offering, we are proud to partner for this course with the following transition homes: Menedékház, SZÉRA, Gyermekek Átmeneti Otthona. The social workers of these houses will support participants with the stressful transition from being unemployed to being an independent, reliable seamstress.

We are currently still looking for a partner to support our participants with the required reporting to ensure they continue to comply reporting and tax regulations.

After the first successful course we plan to conduct another course focusing on women’s trousers starting from July as well as a courses on men’s and women’s jackets plus our second course on men’s trousers and vests starting in September.

If you want to support our project or just would like to have more information, please contact us under