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Sleeve Buttons - Break uniformity without being flashy

Most of our customers come to us because they do not like the uniform appeal suits off the rack offer. They are often worried because they want some uniqueness, something of their own playfulness in their suit, but they also don't want their suits to be too flashy as to be no longer suitable for their purpose.

They are often surprised to learn about all the small details that can make a different in a suit. At The Tailor Network we empower you to customise every element of your suit and put in the love for detail, that only you can.

Let's take a moment to just talk about sleeve buttons and buttonholes. Few people know that one of the true marks of a tailor made suit is if the sleeve button holes are open and you can actually unbutton them.

It's rare to find this feature in a ready made suit.

But sleeve buttons and sleeve buttonholes offer so much more potential to add little playful details. For example our customer in the image above chose to have one button hole in a contrasting color. This together with the red-edged buttons gave his serious business suit a very stylish and individual note. His suit is very professional and proper, but his arm sleeves still catch attention.

When designing the buttons and buttonholes, first you'll select the quantity. While we offer several options (one to four), we always recommend four, as its the standard choice. (There is no functional reason for the existence of sleeve buttons, not to mention how many... its simply tradition.)

The next you will select the buttons layouts on the sleeve, shown here.

The button layout is completely up to you. It's simply a matter of preference. If you're un sure, just go with kissing.

The part where customers have fun personalising their suit is the combination of buttons and buttonhole colours.

With our large selection of buttons, and thread colours, you can create infinite combinations.

We offer both synthetic and natural (bone, shell, etc) options.

We are constantly updating all of our materials and design details. If you don't know what to choose, we invite you to contact us for a complimentary design consultation.

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