Fair Fashion 2020– Driving the social revolution from Hungary

Fair Fashion 2020

How to Drive the Socially Conscious Revolution from Hungary

May 13 • Central European University, Budapest

A new trend for conscious customers is fair fashion - fashion produced in a way, that the people who produce it earn a fair and sustainable income for their work.

The Tailor Network has the mission to disrupt the fashion industry with a large, scalable and profitable fair fashion business model, and we see it as part of our mission to not only implement it ourselves, but to support other fashion brands and designer in implementing fair fashion to entirely revolutionize the industry.

Since the cost impact of fair production is significantly higher than environmentally friendly production, fashion brands and designer still struggle on how to make it a sustainable business model.

We want to start by bringing together fair fashion-related projects in Hungary. This includes fashion brands with local community engagement and fair payment, as well as ecosystem stakeholders. From policymakers to socially responsible corporate citizens, we are creating a dialogue that takes account of the current ecosystem, and presents solutions to improve it.

This conference is the first in a number of events we are planning, that will drive forward the social fashion revolution. For more information contact info@TheTailorNetwork.com