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Designing the inside of your suit

Most new customers see the creation of their new suit as a challenge. They want something more unique, but are not sure whether they dare to venture off from the serious nature of the suit.

For these customers the place to give their suit a unique and stylish note is the jacket's inside. Few customers are aware of the many elements and design variations available to make your suit truly unique.

These are the elements you can play with and it is the way you combine them that makes for a really stylish suit:

  • The style of your fabric "frame"

  • Inside pocket flap

  • Piping

  • Lining fabrics

The Inside Frame

Inside our online design application we offer you the choice between 3 different frame styles:

  • Classical

  • Sharp fin (shown below)

  • Stylish

Classical is the option you find in most off the rack suits today and it is a great choice especially for more sportive suits or when you want to keep your jacket inside rather sleek and minimalistic in style.

Focus on design elements such as , piping and lining colours / patterns to make it an eye-catching design.

Sharp fin and Stylish are most similar, and allow you to play around the most:

  • There are two definitive areas, an upper and lower part. This allows you to choose a different lining in each area.

  • The are more lines on these shapes, where the combination of outer fabric colour, piping colour and lining fabric colour can engage with each other

  • More suiting fabric exists, which is best for monograms

The choice between the Sharp Fin and Stylish frame is more about how dominant you want your suiting fabric to be on the inside. There is no recommendation, it's your preference.

When you meet with a stylist, we can help you choose between multiple frames and designs combinations.

The Pocket Flap

While we offer the option of an inside pocket flap in combination with the classical frame, we don’t recommend that you combine the two as a flap rather contradicts the sleek design of a classical frame.

Pocket flaps work much better with a sharp fin or stylish frame where they add an element of elegance to the inside of your suit. (shown at right with classical frame)

With these frames you should use the flap colour to create contrast. That does not mean that it has to be the strongest in your colour pallette, just different from the lining / suiting fabrics.

Inside Piping

Piping is a slim line of special fabric between the suit fabric in the frame and the lining fabric. In the last two to three years it has become an unavoidable design element of a suit, you'll see it in almost every modern suit... and for a good reason!

Piping is a powerful design element. In a high contrast combination It can create strong lines, and introduce more complex or even vibrant color schemes. You can also select a more subtle color, creating a harmonious transition between lining and suit fabrics.

For a very elegant look, align the colour of the piping together with the colour of your pocket flap in a shark fin or stylish fabric frame setting.


Lining fabrics by themselves are a large topic... how to combine different patterns and colours. We look forward to going into more detail on a post dedicated only to this topic.

To schedule a one-on-one design consultation, please email


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