Designing Your Wedding Suit, The Most Memorable Suit You’ll Own

Our customer Ernest with his happy bride

Your wedding suit is the most important suit you will ever buy.

Not just because the perfect suit will make you feel special on this important day, but also because your bride will carry the image of you, waiting for her at the altar in your wedding suit, for the rest of her life!

Our customer Ernest presenting his wedding tuxedo to his family

And this is what we want to do for you:

  • Create the perfect suit which makes you look your very best on this special day

  • Make the experience smooth and enjoyable

We know how stressful the pre-wedding period is. You don't need any additional hassle, so we just take care of making it happen for you.

Our customer Jason in his wedding suit

The good news is:

  • No other suit offers so many beautiful options to let you shine on this important day in your life.

  • We can help you design a very elegant suit which you can wear later for business meetings or even in business casual settings, OR

  • You can choose to design an even more elegant suit, which you either wear only at your wedding or even at gala events in the future.

No matter your choice, we can make sure that your suit perfectly fits the colour scheme of your wedding - something your bride will love!

Our in-person design sessions are free and you are not committing to anything.

We will discuss your ideas and preferences, walk you through the styles, fabrics,

and all the finishing touches - and design the perfect suit for your wedding.