Create Your Elegant Wedding or Gala suit

Treating yourself to the most elegant piece of your wardrobe should be pure pleasure. But for some men this experience can be intimidating.

Making the choices on an everyday suit can already be difficult, deciding on the most elegant and long lasting piece of their wardrobe, a wedding or gala suit, seems daunting.

There just seem to be so many questions and design elements to consider.

In fact, you need to start by answering one simple question: Do you want a suit dedicated only for special occasions like weddings or galas, or do you need a suit you can wear also on other occasions?

Once you have answered this question, you have made the most important decision. And here is our core advise on what to do next based on this decision.

Designing a dedicated wedding or gala suit

Not everyone can afford a suit, which they only wear for galas or weddings, but if you can, then you should up your game in terms of the elegance of that suit.

1.) First things first, make it black.

Yes, there is an increase in elegant suits in colors like charcoal or dark blue, which we highly recommend for people who want to use their elegant suit also for other occasions, but if you want a dedicated suit for weddings or galas, you want it to be black.

You can lighten it up slightly with discreet patterns, but you definitely want it to be elegant and black!

2.) Choose an appropriate lapel. (Make sure it is not a notch lapel)

A notch lapel is the common standard for everyday suits today, so this is not what you want for your special suit.

You can choose from a variety of elegant lapels: the shawl lapel (turning it into a tuxedo or smoking jacket), a peak lapel, or maybe TTN’s signature “elegant lapel”.

TTN's elegant lapel is a modern form of the shawl lapel, giving your suit the elegance but without the conservative appeal of a tuxedo.

3.) Keep it simple and elegant

We love to play around for our customers with mixing fabrics and colors to create unique and outstanding suits for everyday use, but when it comes to your one suit to impress, elegance is found in simplicity.

(At least on the outside!)

You can play with colors or special features on the inside of your jacket or on your vest. For more inspiration on your inside jacket, read "Designing the Inside of your Suit." Or learn how to "Design a Vest to Impress."

Designing an elegant suit for different occasion

Not everyone can afford a suit, which they only wear for galas or weddings, so you might want to create an elegant suit, which you can dress up for a wedding or gala, but also wear for occasions where you want to impress. How can you achieve that? It is easy.

1.) Make it a 3-piece

You might not have worn a vest before, but if you want to create a truly elegant suit, which you can also wear at other occasions, then you want to make it a 3-piece suit. A vest makes every suit more elegant. And it is the decisive note, which allows you to turn your everyday suit into an elegant evening suit.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a single-breasted or double-breasted vest, with lapel or without, a vest it should be. For vest inspirations, read "Design a Vest to Impress."

2.) Pick a strong fabric that speaks for itself

Let’s start with fabric colours. The vest alone will not turn your suit into an elegant evening suit if you don’t pick the right fabric for it.

Since you want to wear the suit on other occasions as well, you will be better of choosing charcoal or dark blue over black, since it will allow your suit to be elegant but versatile. You might go for a pattern to make it lighter and more modern, but choose a discreet one.

And last but not least, select the right lapel. The easiest choice is a slim cut, single-breasted, notch lapel suit, or if you want to go a bit fancier, choose a peak lapel. But make sure you don’t take away from the strength and elegance of the suit by adding too many distracting design elements. If you want colour elements, add a (one) colourful buttonhole, that’s it – on the outside.

The inside can be your playground and you can find more ideas by reading "Designing the Inside of your Suit."