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Caring for & Traveling with your suit

Your suit should last you years if cared for properly. Follow these tips to make sure your suit stays in great shape:


  • Do not wash your suit at home – dry clean it with a professional service

  • For spot removal between dry cleaning: Use a soft damp cloth and blot gently. Do not rub.

  • After wearing, let the jacket and pants air out. Give them a few days before putting back in a closet or wardrobe.

  • Never iron a suit directly. If you need to remove wrinkles in a pinch, you can iron on low heat (no steam) with a thin cloth between the suit and the iron. Ironing can create an undesirable sheen.

  • Protect your suit from wrinkling and potential damage with a suit bag.  suit bag. These bags allow you to transport your suit with as little as possible wrinkling.


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