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TheTailorNetwork is committed to provide high-quality clothes which fit you perfectly. At the current state of technology a perfect fit can only be guaranteed if you have been measured by a professional. Therefore we only provide access to our online shop to customers who have already been measured by our tailors.

And we make it easy for you to get measured, we bring our tailors to you - through our Cut4You@Work program:

Offer your employees a time saving and fit improving inhouse service at no costs for your company

Part of your companies culture and your employees pride is that they look smart and powerful in nice business clothes. But shopping for these clothes, especially for men, is often annoying. Trying on dozens of suits and none sits really perfect is no fun.

Through Cut4You@Work you can provide your employees with a time saving, 100% fit alternative which also supports tailors in your local communities.

The costs for your company are negligible as we only require one or two free room(s) in which to set up our team – at the same time you are supporting an initiative that brings work back to small independent tailors and supports young designers. Learn more About Us and our Tailor Empowerment Program.

How does it work?

1. Seeing whether your employees are interested

To see whether your employees are interested and to plan necessary resources, we will provide you with a link to our digital look book, so that your employees can check whether they are interested in our offerings.

We will also send you a link to our online scheduling tool for the event in which employees can book times.

Once you have forwarded those to your employees, ideally after a week we should know whether there is sufficient demand and interest in your company for an inhouse event. When employees have scheduled their session through our online tool, we will ask them for their email address, so that further communication like scheduling changes or any other information can be done directly, not to burden your organization. Employees can schedule sessions for them alone or sessions together with other colleagues.

In addition to the communication with your employees, all your company needs to do is provide us with a location inside your office where the employees can meet with our experienced tailors to discuss their choices and get measured.

2. Cut4You@Work sessions

Our mission is to deliver 100% customer fit satisfaction and while we are working to reduce the number of sessions necessary to ensure this, we currently still work with the traditional 3-session model until we can ensure 100% satisfaction in less sessions:

Week 1: First Session - Measuring and selection

In the first session your employees choose together with our tailor the right clothes for them and discuss the personalization. Our tailors will bring a fabric samples so that your employees can see and feel the fabrics they want for their clothes.

After choosing the right clothes and fabrics, they will discuss the targeted fit and get measured before ordering the perfect clothes for them.

Week 3: Second Session - Trying and adjusting

In the second sessions your employees try on their semi-finished clothes. The clothes at that stage are cut and trial stitched, but not completely sewn together. In this session the tailors will adjust the fit and ensure the clothes will fall everywhere perfectly.

In some cases some last minute alterations are still possible.

Week 4: Third Session - Delivering Perfection

In the third session your employees will try on their finished clothes and confirm the fit with the tailor. In rare cases on the third meeting some minor alteration needs are discovered in which case the clothes will be altered and shipped to your employees homes afterwards.

But in general your employees will pay in this session their new clothes and walk away with a new, smart and perfectly fitting look.

When your employees are satisfied with the quality of their purchase, they can continue getting perfectly fitting clothes by ordering from our online shop (only open for re-orders at the moment as we want to make sure we have the right measures to ensure 100% satisfaction).

If you think this could be interesting for your employees and would like to discuss setting up a Cut4You@Work event in your company or simply ask a couple more questions, click here for direct inquiries or send us an email to