You've been waiting for the right time to buy your suit

And now your purchase is needed to help us survive during this difficult time, so we can help get the local economy going again.

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for supporting our mission thus far.  Like many small businesses and startups, we face the danger of having to close our doors due to Corona.  

This is a sad reality, as we have already seen many positive effects from the social impact we went out to achieve.  

We are reaching out to you now, to ask you to help us survive the next few months.  Now is a great time to support the Tailor Network with the purchase of a gift voucher, and we'll throw in a discount for you as well.

We wish a speedy recovery to everyone affected during this time.  Stay safe and healthy.

Help us continue our mission by purchasing a gift voucher 
200€ on suits
 150€ on jackets

  • You can purchase a gift voucher of any amount, starting at 200 Euros.

  • The voucher is redeemable immediately post-quarantine, for up to 2 years.

  • If for any reason, we cannot deliver your suit, we will refund your voucher in full.

We need to stay in business so we can continue to offer corporate events and acquire sales, providing income to those who need it.:

  • 'We will bring work as quickly as possible to our elderly master tailors in the countryside

  • We will follow through on the promise to our newly trained seamstresses, of sustainable income. These women were selected as promising candidates from a transition home, where they have limited time to find work before they become homeless (again) or lose their children. 

How your support helps those most affected
After the purchase of your suit voucher
  • You will receive an email with the voucher code and purchase details

  • We will contact you as soon as the quarantine has ended to discuss the timing of your suit design.

  • We will work with our Swiss customers to schedule convenient measuring and styling events. 

  • We are happy to receive our Hungarian customers by appointment.